The origins of the Sosland Foundation are in the age-old Jewish tradition of giving charity. Sosland family members are descendants of Russian Jewish immigrants who came to this country in the late 19th century and settled in Kansas City. After years of extreme poverty in the years immediately following their arrival, family members began working as journalists before starting a business in 1922 that was to become Sosland Publishing Co. The business thrived giving the family economic success. Closely paralleling improved living standards was an increase in charitable responsibility, sharpened by the intimate memory of what it means to be deprived. The Sosland Foundation came into being as part of a principle that obligates one as much to provide support to those in need in the Jewish as well as general communities. The Soslands, now into the fifth generation in the United States, seek to imbue younger family members with their charitable responsibilities both as a moral and religious obligation as well as an ingrained family and American tradition. The family also strives to set an example in matters of charity to be emulated by others. Perhaps this mandate might best be encapsulated in our belief that we have a responsibility to do more for those who have less. The children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Sosland Foundation founders inherited their charitable spirit and commitment to community. They carry on the philanthropic tradition by contributing personally, serving on community boards as well as the foundation's board.