As of January 1, 2012, we are no longer accepting unsolicited requests for funding.

The Sosland Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation funded and directed by family members, making grants only to I.R.S. Section 501(c)(3) approved organizations in the Kansas City area. Our Grant Review Committee meets quarterly. Grants are not made to individuals.
We fund various types of projects, although a large number of our gifts outside of the religious community are focused on social welfare and educational projects. Most gifts are in the range of $1,000 to $5,000. Although we do not have formal guidelines or applications forms, there is some information that an applicant should include to facilitate our review process.
(1) A clear description of the project
(2) Background on the proposing organization
(3) A budget outlining how the funds will be spent and over what period of time
(4) A list of other possible sources of funding, public or private, which have been or will be solicited
(5) Method by which the project will be evaluated
(6) A list of the organization's board and/or staff
(7) A copy of the most recent tax exempt ruling form the I.R.S.
Grant requests should be addressed to the Sosland Foundation
4801 Main Street, Suite 650, Kansas City, Missouri 64112.
Click here for staff contact information.